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Screenshot Saturday #08

Before implementing any new features in the game, i´ve started with designing and improving some art!


I started out with the monsters and heroes! Most of them blended into the background and didn’t fit in with the gameworld. So i’ve redesigned the ones that needed a little upgrade, and even added some new sprites.

I’ve also continued to work on the dungeon decoration. There will be different room types and they will all be filled with some props. For now i’ll stick with chests, chains and crates!


The hardest part was designing the UI. It was really hard and I’m still not quite yet satisfied, but it’ll do for now. I’ll probably add some kind of background behind the health and mana bar.



Screenshot Saturday #07

This week I started working on the UI! So far i’ve added a mouse pointer that clips to the specific tile that you are pointing at. And i’ve added tooltips:


The final result is a tooltip that describes a number of things about the entity you are pointing at. It is possible to add a title, type and description. Whenever one of these isn’t filled, they won’t get rendered in the tooltip.

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Screenshot Saturday #06

In my previous blogpost ( Making Random Maps Fun ) I told about the map generator and how I wanted to change it to make the maps more rewarding and fun to explore. Now it is finished! Let me show you the progress with some screenshots:


The previous map generator randomly placed a set amount of rooms all over the map and connected them with corridors. This could result in corridors leading from one corner of the map to another corner of the map. Mostly the maps were like the screenshot above. Some random rooms and lots of corridors. Doesn’t make sense and isn’t a lot of fun to explore.


I started with generating the main path. All the rooms on this path need to be traversed to reach the exit, you know for sure that the player is going to visit these rooms. The map generator starts with randomly placing one room. Then it picks a random side of that room and it tries to spawn a new room there. This process continues until we have reached the room limit as set in the settings.

Map Generator Medium Rooms

Next up are the medium difficulty rooms ( I filled them with spiders to show which rooms i’m talking about ). These maps aren’t necessary to reach the next level, they are optional and contain more monsters and loot. This way it’s possible to reward the player for going of the main path.  For example it’s also possible to lock one or more of these rooms and place key’s on the main path as the player can always get the key that way.

I also made sure that if the map generator got stuck at a certain point, when it can’t place a room in any direction, it continues anyway. I did this by programming the generator to go back one room when this happens. The room that can’t expand in any direction is labeled as a medium room, and we try to continue the main path from the previous room. This process can also take place a few times per generation to allow the generator to go back a set number of rooms.

Map Generator

The last step is adding hard difficulty rooms ( Skeleton filled rooms ). These rooms are only placed at the end of one or multiple medium rooms. This way they are the hardest to reach but also the most rewarding if you manage to enter one.

The map generator is now highly configurable and can create lots of different maps. An example of some settings are: maximum hard rooms, room spacing, maximum tries before failing, etc.

Here are some more examples of the new maps:


Zoomed Out Map

New Map Example

If you are interested in the code I would like to remind you that the code for the entire game is open source and on my GitHub! Specific map generator code can be found here.


Making Random Maps Fun

So it’s Saturday again and I don’t have anything to show you guys. The main reason is that i’m currently rewriting the map generator! Even though the previous map generator wasn’t that bad, it already had it’s flaws. In this post i’ll be talking about my ideas of a fun map and i’ll be showing some examples of the current maps.

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Screenshot Saturday #04

Can’t believe I almost missed Screenshot Saturday, I have so much to show! Last week I did a lot of pixel art. There’s a new tileset and I implemented a basic tileset system into the game.

I started by randomly rendering certain tiles and elements on the map, this resulted in some very weird gameplay:


But it showed me that my basic tileset system worked! Next up, changing the dungeon generator to generate tiles from the tileset on the map!


I also got rid of all the coloured squares on the map. Doors and the exit and entrance now have graphics! This allowed me to remove the rendering code that rendered everything as a square with a certain color on the map.


I wasn’t really satisfied with these colors. The contrast was just too low, whenever I would play the game with even a tiny bit of sun on my screen, I wouldn’t see a thing.
The tiles should be easily distinguishable. Right now they all look like a mix of brown/red colors.


Because of that, I changed the entire tileset! I also implemented a system that changes tiles according to the tiles attached to them. This allows for wall’s to go horizontal or vertical, it even checks other special combinations:


I’m very satisfied with the results. The map doesn’t look like a giant brown mess. The player fits in with the environment and it generates the right tiles for my procedurally generated map!

Next up: enemies!


Screenshot Saturday #02

Unfortunately I didn’t get much programming done this week. I was planning on adding enemies and giving them AI, but this will have to wait till next week. What I did mange to do is create some pixel art characters. I’m still looking for the right types of enemies and colors. But hey, you need to start somewhere! Let me know what you think!


From left to right: Knight, Knight with helmet, Knight with an even better helmet, Dwarf.
Next row: Goblin, Hunchback Goblin, Spider
And last but not least: A skeleton


Random Weapon Generation

Procedurally generated content is great, it keeps your game interesting, dynamic and offers a high replay value. But how about procedurally generated weapons? This would require a lot of balancing as it could create some really strong but also some really weak weapons. This blogpost will cover my ideas about this topic!

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Screenshot Saturday #01

As it is officially Saturday now, it’s time for some screenshots! I will be posting screenshots every Saturday, mainly because you will be able to see the game’s progress, but also because a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

An example of the dungeon generator.

Some examples of dungeons the generator currently creates!

Another example of the dungeon generator.A dungeon generated by the generator!

Exploring the dungeon with a torch! This is how it currently looks in game.

Exploring the dungeon with a torch! This is how it currently looks in game.Another in game screenshot.

And a little Gif that shows how the exploring looks, and it shows you the doors that can be opened!